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LED USA Solutions design, manufacture, supply and install a full range of high quality LED lamps enabling you to complete a full re-lamping or new construction project. LED lights can save your organization up to 80% of lighting-related energy consumption, with no out of pocket expense you can have positive cash flow as a direct result of switching to LED lights. LED USA Solutions has a money saving plan for every Commercial, Industrial and Government application.


Even though ED lights have been around for some years it is a technology relatively new to must people. Especially all the benefits LED lights hold over conventional lights such as Incandescent Lights, Fluorescent Lights, Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs), Halogen lights, and virtually every single existing light. The good news is that the benefits of LED lights do not stop at better energy consumption and money savings, there are many more that directly impact you.

LED USA Solutions design, manufacture, supply and install a full range of high quality LED lamps enabling you to complete a full re-lamping project or new construction project. All lamps and tubes are designed to provide a direct replacement for your existing lamps require no change to serviceable existing fittings and electrical wiring reducing installation cost.  We can provide you with the LED lamps or we ca provide a complete end-to-end managed solution for your re-lamping project including initial lamp inventory and energy study, capital project funding, installation and full 3-5 year warranty.

LED technology has advanced to the point where we need less and less energy to achieve the same illumination at a fraction of the operating cost of conventional lights. Some lights such as the incandescent bulb will be impossible to buy soon. The LED lights from LED USA Solutions encompass the following benefits:

  • Save Money and lots of it. LED lights will save you from 50% up to 90% on your current lighting-related electricity consumption.
  • Additional money savings in the form of Federal Tax Deduction under section 179D. This alone could pay for the project.
  • Long life expectancy, our LED lights will last 50,000+ hours (+11 years if used 12 hour a day).
  • Our LED lights come with a manufacturer warranty of 3 to 5 years.
  • Maintenance Free, No ballast needed for Fluorescent and other types of LED lights replacement which results in additional savings.
  • LED USA Solutions has LED lights available for every type of applications; Indoor, outdoor, commercial, industrial, government, and more.
  • LED lights contain no high-pressure gasses or thin filaments. This makes them highly-resistant to vibration and temperature changes. This makes them safe to use in a large variety of industrial applications.
  • LEDs reduce the energy needed to cool down a building saving you additional money with AC consumption. In fact our LED lights only use 18% of the energy needed by Fluorescent lights and its ballast to cool down to thermostats-set temperature.
  • Great flexibility; available in a variety of lumen outputs, color temperature and beam angles.
  • LED lights are True Green Energy Lights: Contains No mercury and, No lead, No UV emissions, it is made of 100% recyclable material such as aluminum and plastic.
  • LED lighting emits no ultra-violet (UV) or infra-red (IR) light. Because of this, LED lighting will not harm the eyes or skin. In a computer-intensive environment such as a call center, LED lighting can increase worker efficiency because it does not cause headaches and sore eyes like florescent and incandescent light can.
  • Our high quality LED lights will not discolor, degrade or damage illuminated surfaces or objects. They maintain lighting color and consistently over their life.


Free LED Lights Energy consumption Study and ROI Evaluation

LED USA Solutions will conduct a FREE and detailed evaluation of your energy consumption based on the existing lights and present a comprehensive ROI study with comparable LED lights. Read More »

LED Lights Project Financing Available

We offer full or partial project financing including government projects. Do you realize that you already have the budget? That money is currently going to the utility company, instead it could finance your LED investment. It is a simple application and you will only take 72 hours to get approved.  The amount will be based on the LED lights quote, and the payback period will based on the free Energy Consumption Sand ROI Study. Contact us today for more details; Office: 786-372-8486 or Email us at: Info@LEDUSASolutions.com

Commercial LED Lights Projects

This is one of our specialties and the most common type including Office building, Retail spaces, Super Markets, Hotels and More »

Industrial LED Lights Projects

Our LED lights are especially suited for Industrial application, Read more »

Government LED Lights Projects

Governmental institutions stand to gain the most; money saved in electricity is money available for other programs. Read more »