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LED USA Solutions Free Evaluation

Call us today and we will make and present to you a full LED Lights Energy consumption Study and ROI Evaluation at NO Cost to you. A full project approach would be as follows:

Analysis phase

The first step is to determine the viability of an energy-efficient LED lighting upgrade or retrofit in your premises. One of our Re-illumination auditor will perform an on-site inventory of your existing lighting fixtures and lamps, and interview you to determine your unique lighting needs and challenges. Some of the questions that will be answered in this phase are:

  • Existing lighting fixtures and wattage in use.
  • Lighting hours of operation in the different areas.
  • Current lighting issues: Performance, abnormal maintenance, quality of light.
  • Additional lighting goals: more illumination, Lighting controls, safety, worker efficiency.

Energy Consumption Study and ROI report

A specially designed software will be used to enter all the collected information. This report will include the existing lighting inventory alongside the LED recommended replacement, the estimated energy savings by fixture/lamp type, features and benefits. This report will also include a financial analysis which will reveal the project’s Return on Investment (ROI) and payback period, available utility incentives/tax benefits and an estimated cost of the upgrade.

Energy Study and Project Proposal

Once all the necessary information is gathered and analyzed a final recommendation is created and presented to the customer in the form of custom Energy Study analysis and Project proposal; such proposal will include:

  • LED Product Recommendation
  • Energy Savings Analysis
  • Custom Design / Layout
  • Exact Utility Incentives & Rebates
  • Available Tax Deductions and Credits
  • Total Upgrade Costs
  • Financial Analysis
  • Breakeven Analysis
  • ROI Analysis
  • Total Cost of Ownership Analysis for Existing vs Upgrade
  • Implementation Timeline
  • Financing Options

Implementation and Project Management

Once the project is approved, we will assign a project manager for your job. They will complete the necessary steps to schedule and perform the implementation of your project around your schedule to minimize disruption to your business. The installation is performed according to the project specifications by our licensed and insured electricians. The project manager is available throughout the implementation process to handle all aspects of completing the project from scheduling to on-site supervision.

Post-Implementation & Project Verification

After the installation is completed, the project manager will perform a complete system test to ensure everything is working correctly. All performance metrics are measured, verified and recorded.

Service & Support

LED USA Solutions provides warranty of 3 to 5 years depending on the specific LED lights been installed. In case of any malfunction we will replace the LED lights at no extra cost according to its warranty.   Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction!