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LED Project Financing

Led USA Solutions Offers 100% financing for new of re-lamping projects. Do you realize that your organization already has the budget for your LED project? That money is currently going to the utility company, instead it could finance your LED lights investment and even bring you positive cash flow.

Our Financing options are available for Commercial as well as Governmental institutions.


Net Positive Cash Flow with LED Project Financing.

Through our Free evaluation and your Energy Consumption Study and ROI report we’ll have very accurate idea about your savings with LED lights, cost of project and return on investment (ROI). A typical Pay-Back-Period ranges from 12 to 36 months and with the useful life of your LED Investment ranging from 96 to 136 month you will realize immense returns on your investment.

The pay-back period is calculated using only the amount of money saved as a result of the LED lights implementation. We always work with our customers interested on financing their LED lighting projects so that their monthly payment do not exceed these calculated savings  (stay within the current budget). But if a customer wants to add immediate positive cash flow, the financing period can be extended lowering the payments and the difference becomes instant Net Positive Cash Flow.

The Financing Process

The financing process is very fast and simple. The customer will fill an application with basic information about their business, the finance company will take no more than 72 hours to review this information and make a decision. LED USA Solutions works directly with several financing companies. We will hold your hand through the entire process in order to make it as easy as possible.