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LED USA Solutions for Commercial Applications

LED USA Solutions manufactures and delivers a large array of LED lamps in order to accommodate virtually any type of commercial lighting-application in-doors or out-doors, for existing construction or new construction working directly with architects and project managers to deliver and end-to-end LED lighting solution.

Re-lamping is the term used in the LED industry to describe the process of replacing old lamps and tubes in your business premises with new LED lamps and tubes. Re-lamping is undertaken to reduce lighting energy costs, maintenance costs and associated carbon footprint. We offer beginning to end re-lamping solution with certified and insured electricians under our supervision. We service virtually every type of commercial applications:

  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Gas Stations
  • Parking garages and Parking structures
  • Hospital
  • Shopping Centers
  • Theaters
  • Hotels
  • Super Markets
  • Warehouses
  • Churches and synagogues


LED Lights Project Financing Available

We offer full or partial project financing including government projects. Do you realize that you already have the budget? That money is currently going to the utility company, instead it could finance your LED investment. It is a simple application and you will only take 72 hours to get approved.  The amount will be based on the LED lights quote, and the payback period will based on the free Energy Consumption Sand ROI Study. Contact us today for more details; Office: 786-372-8486 or Email us at: Info@LEDUSASolutions.com

Free LED Lights Energy consumption Study and ROI Evaluation

LED USA Solutions will conduct a FREE and detailed evaluation of your energy consumption based on the existing lights and present a comprehensive ROI study with comparable LED lights. Read More ┬╗

LED Lights are the Lights of the Future

  • LED Lights will save you up to 80% energy savings over conventional Lights
  • LED Lights are made out of recyclable material
  • LED Lights are safe for Humans: No Ultra Violet emission
  • LED Lights are safe for our world: No Lead, No Mercury
  • LED Lights are maintenance Free, No ballast is necessary
  • LED Lights Lifetime +50,000 Hours – Over 11 years when used 12 hours/day