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LED USA Solutions is a DBA and Trademark of Master Trading Solutions Corp.

LED USA Solutions was conceived out of a partnership between a leading USA based LED manufacturer and international strategic counterparts.

LED USA Solutions is the brainchild of a visionary group of entrepreneurs from around the world looking for a market and an opportunity to really make a difference and impact the status quo. We all realize that the energy industry is of significant importance and as part of the global green initiative we are focused on reducing carbon emissions and finding solutions that can really impact our planet in a positive way. We promptly realized the great potential of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lights in this mission and made it our own. Once you understand that a single LED light can reduce energy consumption for as much as eighty percent, it is made of one hundred percent recyclable material and it does not contain toxic materials you will realize that LED Lights are the lights of the future because of the positive impact they have in the consumption end as well as reducing our carbon foot print.

LED USA Solutions is convinced that LED Lights are the lights of the future. Incandescent lights are becoming a thing of the past and fluorescent lights will soon follow for they are both highly inefficient sources of light and in the case of fluorescent even harmful to humans and the environment.

Our mission is to bring the highest quality and most environmentally friendly LED lights to market through innovation and excellent customer service while educating the public about its benefits. In the past buying a light bulb of any kind was a necessary expense, with LED lights it becomes and investment in technology, the environment and your future.

Among the many benefits to investing on LED lights the most obvious is the significant savings in energy cost, but you are also investing in the future of your children. LED lights do not contain lead, mercury or other harmful heavy metals, in fact our LED lights are recyclable and friendly to our planet.


Florida Veterans Foundation

The Florida Veterans Foundation


Master Trading Solutions as the parent company to LED USA Solutions has recently entered into a working relationship agreement with the Florida Veterans Foundation. The Florida Veterans Foundation is a non for profit organization created to directly support the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs (FDVA). Their Mission is to serve, support, and advocate for Florida veterans to improve their wellbeing.

By working together with the Florida Veterans Foundation we are able to offer our LED lights to the US government through the General Service Administration “GSA” program which the Florida Veteran Foundation is a participant of. As part of our proud commitment to help our veterans in need, part of the proceeds of all our sales through the GSA will be donated to the cause of the Foundation.

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